Why Custom?

There are a number of reasons why custom offers a viable alternative to store-bought clothing. Having been the founder and buyer for a chain of six specialty men's stores that were recognized by Esquire Magazine as 1 of the top 100 in America, I've carried every imaginable brand from Ralph Lauren Polo, to Calvin Klein, to Kenneth Cole, to Jack Victor, to Hugo Boss, to Canali, to Pal Zileri, to Corneliani, to Brioni. I was even chosen to be the spokesperson for the Men's Clothing Industry by the Men's Apparel Alliance, a group of men's clothing retailers and manufacturers including many of the largest companies in our industry such as the Men's Wearhouse.

Based on my experiences, the following are some reasons why custom garments make a whole lot of sense:
  • Once we cross the price threshold of $595 for a suit, custom becomes a viable alternative.
  • With custom, you get the exact swatch you want.
  • You get the style that works best for your physique
  • The exact fit for you...exact sleeve, body taper, wrist, neck, etc.
  • You are not limited by a store buyer's purchasing decisions. In any store, the buyer chooses items he/she thinks will sell quickly. Having said that, you are not seeing a full assortment of what is in fashion or available in any store. Furthermore, if you want a specific style detail...for example, 2-button jacket with shorter center vent...you will probably be out of luck in many stores...not so with custom...I will make whatever you want!
Custom is all about the Details.

This custom shirt was sized to this customer's exact shirt sleeve length. If you look closely, you will see his left hand hangs slightly lower than his right...5/8" longer...no big deal with custom?

And you never have to worry about your pant's sizing! They always fit with the exact rise, seat, thigh, bottom you prefer!