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Why rent a tux someone else wore?

Why rent a tux someone else wore?

  • Custom wedding suit packages for almost the same price as the one-and-done rental?
  • Wouldn't you and your groomsmen prefer getting clothes tailored to fit you?
  • Why wear the same tuxedo dozens of other guys have worn...and partied get the picture!
  • Do not settle for the styles available to everyone else!
  • Call me for a consultation and learn about some viable alternatives that fashion-savvy and cost-conscious ​grooms have been choosing!

What Clients Say

I had an excellent experience working with him, he is knowledgeable, prompt in his replies/ordering and was accommodating in client requests. I felt comfortable with Vinnie’s pricing and the transparency in which it was presented. Additionally, the quality of the fabric & construction of the suit were as he claimed (very nice), and I would order from Vinnie again.

Ben Baker 2015

I used Christopher’s Custom for my wedding and couldn’t have been happier. I had 6 groomsmen living in different cities which I thought was going to be problematic. But Vince’s flexibility and the detailed nature of his measurement forms allowed everyone to get a fantastic suit at a great price without having to all be in the same place. Almost 5 years later, my suit looks just as good as it did on my wedding day and I still have my groomsmen tell me their suit from Vince is the best suit they own.

Dan Ferguson 2011

My husband decided to have a custom suit made, which has been worn time after time again since our wedding, and fits like a glove. Vinnie’s expertise and knowledge of style cannot be found any other place in the Capital Region.

Kim Pietkiewicz 2012

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